Insects - the Superfood of tomorrow.

Insects tick all the boxes of the definition superfoods: great taste, superior nutritional value, large amounts of vitamins, unbeatable ecological balance as well as being a stunning macro nutrient.

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Why Insects as food make sense?

In Europe, eating insects sounds crazy and strange, but for 2 billion people on the planet, insects are an ordinary staple of their daily diet.


The taste is simply fantastic! You don’t believe us? Try it and you will be convinced!


Rich on valuable proteins, rare unsaturated fatty-acids and important dietary fibre.


The environmental impact is a fractional amount compared to the „normal“ meat.

The Entovegan diet

The term Entovegan comes from the two words Entomophagy, which basically means eating insects and the word vegan. Entovegan is a plant based diet with the additional consumption of insects.

Nutrients from insects are easy to process for the body and they are a more natural source than artificial supplements.Especially when it comes to physical fitness, the compatibility of proteins is a decisive point and here, proteins derived from insects are excel.

If you want to read more about the Entovegan diet, feel free to visit our blog.

Our vision

Our vision is to establish the Entovegan diet as the food of the future. We think that the food of the future needs to be fast, tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly. One of the most important criteria is the easy integration into our increasingly stressful everyday life.

With our own products, we promote exactly this, our products don’t need to be prepared and are instantly consumable. In addition to excellent taste, they are also healthier than alternative products. Environmentally friendly production and packaging make our products a true hit in every respect. This is Entorganics!


We are a young team of two former Rudolf Steiner School students who are very concerned about the environment and our need to take action to preserve our planet.

Finn Bußberg

CEO und CO-Founder


Kai Alexander Classen

CEO und CO-Founder


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